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Quito’s Original Craft Beer Tour

Taste beer that has been brewing for over 400 years!

Quick Details

Location   Pickup: GALERIA ECUADOR (Reina Victoria N24-263 y Lizardo García)

Clock   Days: Wednesday: 19h20


Quito Brewery Tour

Quito is recognized as the first city to brew beer in South America. In the 16th century, 1566 religious orders injected the beer gene in the Quiteño people, which has reawakened strongly in the 21st century. On this tour, we share with you our passion for the art of beer, which tells the story of Quito.

We will go to the Plaza de San Blas, the entrance to the historic center of Quito. From there, we walk to the first pub, located in a traditional neighborhood, where you get to enjoy a tasting guided by a master brewer specialist. Our guide teaches us to use the five senses to discover the flavors of craft beer.

After our first tasting, we walk through the beautiful streets of the historic center until we reach our next stop, visiting places that were formerly the craft breweries of the city, to continue enjoying the pleasures of beer and understand the process of making it.

This refreshing and delicious tour lets you into the craft beer culture of Quito, expanding your knowledge of the history of beer and of the city along the way. Cheers!

The tour meets at our selected hotels or at the starting point in the area of La Mariscal: Galeria Ecuador (Reina Victoria N24-263 y Lizardo García).