Authentic Markets & Capilla del Hombre Tour

Experience a Quito market and Ecuadorian art!

Quick Details

Location   Pickup: GALERIA ECUADOR (Reina Victoria N24-263 y Lizardo García)

Clock   Days: Monday to Saturday: 08h20

Discover Quito’s Culture and Arts

Learn about the culture and artistic traditions of the city of Quito on this exciting tour of our vibrant city.

The route starts in the center-north of the city in the commercial, banking, and hotel area of modern Quito. We visit one of the traditional markets of the city, where you can enjoy the colorful landscape produced by the stalls full of fruits and vegetables from all regions of our country.

Undoubtedly, this is a place full of familiar flavors, and it’s the best opportunity to discover a variety of local products that are mixed with the offer of striking items such as herbs and healing, world-renowned roses, and liquors of national production, among others.

Next, we visit the Guayasamín House Museum, also known as Capilla del Hombre (entrance included). This museum features the work of one of the most important plastic artists in Ecuador in the modern era, and you learn the great value of the artistic heritage that he left for the country.

At the end of the tour, you have the possibility to stay at the hotel or enjoy a tasting of traditional and local products in an area of restaurants, La Mariscal. You may also choose to continue with another one of our excursions, like the “Quito Street Food and Art” or “Urban Legends of Quito at Night”