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Gualeceo and Chordeleg

Visit two charming craft towns!

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Craft Town Tour Through Gualeceo and Chordeleg

Explore the charming craft towns of Gualaceo and Chordeleg, where you can see and learn about textiles, hand-embroidered clothing, and jewelry in Ecuador.

We start our tour out of the northwestern side of the city of Cuenca with a visit to San Bartolome, a little town next to the Andes mountain range with an amazing view of the valley of the Santa Bárbara River. This town is famous for its crafty artisans who make guitars. We visit a traditional shop to observe the process of making this musical instrument.

We continue to Chordeleg, a town known around the country for its ceramic, gold, and silver jewelry and above all for the fine filigree work made of gold and silver threads. Here, you have the chance to go shopping, and the artisans show us the way they elaborate the jewelry. While in Chordeleg, we also take a walk around its central plaza, where we can explore countless crafts and shops.

Later, we continue to Gualaceo to visit two important markets that are known for their variety of products and the colorful scenery. Then we visit a textile shop where you can observe the back strap loom and the horizontal loom weaving techniques the artisans use and learn how a variety of products are made. The artisans also show us the Hispanic technique of ikat to make shawls and ponchos.

After this wonderful day of local arts and crafts, we return to the city of Cuenca.