Inca Real Hotel - Tourist 3***

This beautiful house now shelters the Hotel Inca Real. It was built in the early nineteenth century and restored in 1991. This is a Republican-style building; it has three patios with 25 rooms located around them, a cozy restaurant and a spacious lounge.
Originally it was a family house. Many leaving personalities of the city lived in throughout the years.
Since 1974 this house belongs to the Sarmiento family, who lived here until they decided to turn it into a hotel. This was the first house to be restored in Cuenca for this purpose.
The award “JosèMarìa Vargas” is a thank you to those who strive to preserve the architectural heritage of this city. We were the first hotel to receive this award from the Municipality of Cuenca. This award is given out every year to recognize the best architectural renovation of the city landscape.
Since the beginning of this tourism activity, the owners themselves have been in charge of receiving at home, now Hotel Inca Real people who want to stay in this traditional symbol of Cuenca.

  •  Children under 12 years old free of charge if sharing room with 2 adults. Does not include breakfast. From 12 years old, they pay adult fare.
  • Cancellations up to 48 hours before the reservation without charge.