Nu House Boutique Hotel - Tourist 3***

nü house is the only hotel in Quito situated inside the Plaza Foch. Located in the heart of Quito's tourist and entertainment district, La Mariscal. The location is important because Quito's best and most frequented restaurants, bars, lounges and discos are at the footsteps of the Nü House Hotel.

Nü House's design, with its beautiful wood façade, stands out as the most chic structure in Quito. Our guests will be immediately transported to pleasantly relaxing rooms that incorporate wood, stone, in an ambiance that is both natural and modern. Nü HouseBOUTIQUE HOTEL  prides itself on providing its guests with a unique experience.

With its modern design, attentive staff, and incomparable location, NüHOUSE BOUTIQUE HOTEL  is the perfect destination for both the leisure and business traveler.

  • Does not include municipal tax US $. 2.00 per room, per night, direct payment per passenger.
  •  Children under 10 years old free of charge if sharing room with 2 adults. Does not include breakfast. From 10 years old, they pay adult fare.
  • Cancellations up to 48 hours before the reservation without charge.


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